Managing your own IT infrastructure can be a huge headache, and with an ever increasing amount of work being done electronically, its becoming ever more critical to keep things running.

From patch pannels to VOIP, Coded Internet is capable of taking on legacy infrastructure and updating or starting from scratch and producing a specification for building from the ground up.

Managed Infrastructure

Utilising UniFi software defined networking we can get both secure staff WiFi and public guest WiFi to even the most remote locations. If required, UniFi supports site-to-site and remote user Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), multiple isolated Virtual Local-area Networks (VLANs), and even WiFi authorisation and payment gateway.

All hardware is regularly updated with free software upgrades, and new technologies are experimented with off site to determine the suitability before implementing on location. UniFi brings enterprise networking at an affordable price, and Coded Internet will help you manage this infrastructure within your business.


Voice over IP (VOIP) is a replacement to traditional phone lines that utilises a standard internet connection instead. Whereas traditional phones require a phone line per active call, it is possible to get many simulations calls down the same internet connection, the only limit is the available bandwidth. Your existing phone numbers can be ported over to our VOIP provider, and routed to different destinations based on the number dialed, the time of day, operators who are available or even diverted to another number entirely.


To compliment out managed infrastructure and development services, Coded Internet can also offer assistance with application hosting. The exact technologies used heavily depend on individual project requirements, but we can work with any hosting provider of your choice or even on the bare metal if you wish to host it on site. We will manage updates and backups as standard, and we can help perform security audits to help you keep control over your data.