Coded Internet is not simply a name, it is an idea. It is the concept that a website should not just work on desktops, but on mobile devices as well. We strive in our websites to not only create fantastic looking, professional websites for the desktop, but also for tablets and smartphones. Coded Internet is also the idea that websites should be carefully hand crafted with all the love they deserve, so that everything is exactly as it should be, and everything has a purpose. When dealing with the Internet, this incomprehensibly large network of computers transferring data between one another at the speed of light, there is no room for waste. Every single bit of data, literally every bit, takes up bandwidth, a commodity fast running out.

The team at Coded Internet is currently very small, in fact one person, but this is not to say that the results are not extremely big, or rather the opposite. Our websites go from the elegantly simple off the shelf set-ups, through custom themes, all the way to complex modules that perform every function imaginable. It is even possible to write an entire web application that can do the precise functions that you desire of it. All websites, regardless of wither they are just a small web app for your own use, a small organisation just wanting an on-line presence, or full on-line transaction processing with hundreds of requests a day are approached the same way. With limitless possibilities in mind.

The small reality, big theory approach to our work ensures that your website is what you are looking for, but at a size that is not too small to be scaled, but is small enough to be scalable without infinite resources. This approach has arisen out of necessity, we don’t have the resources to be greedy, therefore everything must be perfect. When it takes time to transmit the data, and people are waiting, you cannot afford to be greedy with the data you need to transmit. Therefore all information should be as minimalistic as possible.