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Coded Internet was first approached by Nicky Snazell’s Pain Relief Clinic to do some SEO optimisation on their existing website. It soon became apparent that the SEO would not be as easy as it first appeared due to the existing structure of the site. In order for the website to really do well, some drastic changes to the site structure would need to be made, and the current provider of the framework was wanting large sums of money to make them.

It was suggested at this point that the site be rewritten in the more open WordPress framework, and that’s exactly what we did. We took the existing design, made our own version, and then went whole hog on the optimisation and conversion to a mobile friendly theme. We then took the nice little widget on the homepage, and again made our own version of it, using complex entity relationships to create the links. Finally, we took all of the existing content, and copied it over, one by one to the new system (now that’s service).

Eventually, after many months of back and forth between different designs, animations and features we have something that can be presented.

2017 Update

The site featured above has been replaced following a rebrand of the clinic. Sadly Coded Internet was no longer in touch with the clinic when this occurred and management of the site has moved to another developer.